what happened so far

An overview of my previous job experience and education.

previous experience

since October 2017

Innovation Lab @ Milla & Partner

Ausbildung / education FH Vorarlberg
2015 – 2017

part-time employed @ FH Vorarlberg & part-time freelancer

Ausbildung / Education FH St.Pölten
2016 / 2017

various teaching jobs @ FH St.Pölten / FH Vorarlberg / High School

Berufserfahrung / job experience Beauty Parlour
2012 – 2014

designer / developer @ Beauty Parlour


Ausbildung / education FH Vorarlberg
2013 – 2016

Master’s Degree @ FH Vorarlberg

I completed my Master studies in InterMedia at University of Applied Sciences Vorarlberg in Dornbirn, Austria. I majored in Arts & Science.

Ausbildung / Education FH St.Pölten
2009 – 2012

Bachelor’s Degree @ FH St.Pölten

I completed my Bachelor studies in Media Technology at University of Applied Sciences St.Pölten in St.Pölten, Austria. I majored in Interactive Media.

Ausbildung / education Auckland University of Technology
June 2011 – February 2012

Exchange Semester @ AUT

I spent one semester abroad at AUT in Auckland, New Zealand. During this exchange semester I focused on creative programming and physical computing.

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